Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Ratings Might Be Sagging..

Way to get some PR for a failing show. Reality "star" Whitney Port was on the beach in Miami and when she jumped into the ocean, she forgot she was wearing a mic. So, by trying to remove the mic so it wouldn't be damaged by water (too late) she let her boob pop out. Isn't anyone watching our reality tarts? We all know they have the mentality of a child. On the boob pics Whitney says:

"Okay so a couple of photos were captured while I was in Miami that weren't the most discreet and I'm sorry if they offended anyone but I got too caught up in the sunshine and the weather that I guess I wasn't as cautious as I should have been."

"Everyone knows the rough and tumble of the ocean mixed with a bathing suit - not the most attractive thing ever! So sorry for the view... very embarrassing to say the least! I guess all I can do now is laugh about it and move on!"

Image via The Hollywood Gossip

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