Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Allen Unplugged

23 year old singer Lily Allen did an interview with the Daily Telegraph's newspaper, talking openly about the miscarriage she suffered back in January 2008. "I guess… it wasn’t to be,’ she says. 'That’s all I can say. I mean, you can kind of say, what if? Maybe if I’d stayed pregnant and had the baby then things would have worked out between me and Ed. I don’t know. You could drive yourself insane thinking about it."

Lily was dating Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers. The two have since split. After her miscarriage, Lily spent time in a mental health facility.

"Nuthouse," she says. "Psychiatric clinic. I stayed there for three weeks. I was really depressed because of the miscarriage and I’d kind of lost the plot a bit. It was quite a nasty time. Actually, it was quite nice being in there. No one could get to me; no one knew I was there."

They also discussed the infamous Elton John incident at the GQ awards, Allen made light of the situation saying her and Elton had a real laugh about it. Elton says "That was just such nonsense. We had such a great time. She told me to fuck off because I’m 40 years older than she is. I love her. She was feeling no pain, I was feeling no pain. I was sober, she wasn’t, but it doesn’t matter. We certainly didn’t have a fallout onstage at all."

You can read the entire interview here.

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