Saturday, January 17, 2009

Keeping Up With The Virgins

Remember the slut 22 year old girl who was selling her virginity to pay for college? Yea..I barely remembered her either, but apparently Natalie Dylan (not her real name for obvious reasons) said she would like socialite Kim Kardashian to break her in. Telling NY Daily News, “She’s really beautiful.” Adding I’m heterosexual, I just admire her beauty.”

The bidding for her innocence has reportedly reached $3.8 million dollars and she a book deal in the works. “I’m being smart,” Dylan said. “I don’t want to prematurely end something that’s bringing me opportunities,” she added. Dylan is auctioning off her virginity via the website of the famous Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada where prostitution is legal, so even though she's nasty and has no self respect, she's still legal :)

If it meant Kim could prolong her non-career and get some good press, I'm fairly certain she would be willing to take on the challenge of playing for the other team. Do you mind cameras Natalie?? I'm so proud of myself for not using any Bush/Tush references, go meee.

I hope an ABC Family movie is made out of her story starring Jamie Lynn Spears or someone along those lines, ah the memories.

Image: Google Images

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