Thursday, January 15, 2009

Newsflash: Trying To Make Crazy Work Is Still Crazy

I seriously hate myself for posting this, I even avoided posting about it when this story first broke, but those damn celebutantes are truly scary so maybe this could be a warning in case you ever are approached by one. Run like there's a sale at Chanel and everything is $1!! Casey Johnson and Courtenay Semel made headlines earlier this week for apparently getting into a physical altercation that resulted in Courtenay beating the shit out of Casey then setting her hair on fire. Sources told the NY Post that Casey had to go to the hospital due to her injuries.

Courtenay denied how severe the fight was by saying, "There was a fight. But this is a major exaggeration. We are speaking. We are friends."

Apparently, that could be true, because another source is claiming that the pair are headed to Sundance this weekend. What the fuck?!? Casey must have a death wish.

These two make Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson look like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. What makes this worse, is that Casey has an adopted daughter named Ava Monroe. She's a toddler and my only hope is that she's being raised like these two idiots were, by nannies and hired help.

Images: Wire Image & Star Pulse

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