Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Recycle Much?

BET is launching a new show that will chronicle the life of 8 young black professionals in New York City. The Real Worlds meets The Hills/City except it's on BET and everyone is black. No, it's not deja vu, the Real World New York did premiere back in 1992 and the new season set in Brooklyn premiered last week, but I guess it's just slim pickings in the idea department.

From the N.Y. Daily News:

The cast includes a lifestyle editor for the basketball publication Dime magazine, an aspiring actress, a fashionista, a young man contemplating a career in politics and even a young dad. It’s a group of friends moving out of college and into the working world.

“This show isn’t ‘The Hills,’ ” said BET president Loretha Jones. “The cast was friends before, so their relationships are natural and they allowed us to follow them in such a way that they were unconcerned with the cameras being there, and let us capture the real interactions.”

Jones also said that unlike some other reality shows about twentysomethings, “Harlem Heights” would explore not only emotional drama, but also professional drama and the excitement and celebrations of last year’s historical election night.

Okay, that is totally the Hills! Minus the election stuff cause we all know those Hill bitches are republicans.

One of the cast members is Kanye West's ex-girlfriend Brooke Crittendon, who actually works at MTV. At a press junket this past weekend, Brooke let us know why she's doing the show:

“I was involved with a very famous rapper for a number of years,” she said. “And I worked in the news and documentary department (at MTV). So a lot of our pop news
involved myself. But because I sort of played the background to the person that I was dating, I had to go through people saying things about me or just sort of assuming who I was… I just was like, “I just want to let people know what I really am and what I really do. I’m not just this person’s girlfriend.”

When a dumbass asked "who's the famous rapper?" she responded with:

"Part of my personal journey beyond actually wrapping the show is to not mention that person, because if I’m trying to get from under the shadow of being that person’s girlfriend, I feel like to constantly drop their name and that association is sort of saying, “Hey, I don’t want you to think I’m just that, but I did used to date this really cool person.” You know what I mean?”

The show premieres on March 2nd and from the looks of the cast photo, they have one thing going for them, they know how to dress ;P

Image: BET Promo

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