Friday, January 16, 2009

Madge's Vadge

Yea, that was inappropriate, but so is this picture. This one is cropped, so to view the whole picture..if you dare, click here. NSFW!

The picture is up for sale by some douche bag at Christie's. Clearly it was taken long ago (1979) before Madonna was well, Madonna. The grooming she does now did not apply back then! I will say this, she does have some awesome breasts. I'm totally offended as a woman!! Still, awesome breasts.

Beware of the zoom feature, I don't know why I zoomed, I must of had a moment of weakness and my blood sugar dropped or something..god.

Image: Lee Friedlander

1 comment:

  1. Why is this offensive? What do you have against beauty? What do you have against grace? The vagina is a thing of beauty and a source of wonder. And it should never be shaved. No less an authority than Eve Ensler says as much, and her feminist credentials are impeccable.