Friday, January 23, 2009

It Sucks To Be You: Troy Thomas Edition

First of all, I will never understand how the home of Paris Hilton was broken into. With the amount of money she has, you would think a robot stood guard over her every night as she slept. Anyway, it's been reported that Troy Thomas broke in her home, however a source from the LAPD Special Burglary Unit tells that he isn't a suspect in the burglary and the real thief is still on the loose.

Troy Thomas aka "the Bel-Air Burglar," is reportedly one of two leaders of a gang called "The Hillside Burglars" who have been looting rich people's homes for 3 years. Bel-Air Burglar? The Hillside Burglars? Really?? Eh. If I was on the force I would have been more creative. I would have found out Troy's twisted fetish for dirty undies and named him "The Dirty Panty Bandit." Troy and his cohorts have apparently stolen from over 150 homes in the area.

Who knows, it could be him, but either way, get some damn security Paris. At least call ADT for the love of God!

Image: Google Images

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