Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ye Of Little Faith?

The Vatican YouTube channel launched last week and around 90,000 people were registered. I don't know what happened to the folks in 7 days time, but the viewership dropped to around 31,000 according to TubeMogul, which measures video views.

You can't comment on any of the videos or post them to other sites, so the fun's completely taken out of being Catholic once again!

It's kind of like church to begin with, you go the first few weeks and then a huge Sunday brunch comes along and you get sleepy from overeating and want to take a nap. Before you know it, it's 6:30 at night and you would rather just watch the garbage on VH1. I think we all know Rock of Love trumps the Pope.

Image: Google Images

No Fat Jokes In The Oval Office

People who are saying Barack Obama called Jessica Simpson fat during his interview with Matt Lauer, should actually watch the interview. The President, his wife and two daughters are featured in the new US weekly, however Barack was bumped from the cover so the more tantalizing story of Jessica Simpson's weight gain could be addressed for the millionth time this week.

"Yeah, it's a little hurtful," he says, "You got replaced by Jessica Simpson!" interrupted Matt Lauer, and then Barack pointed to the magazine headline reading, "Who's in a weight battle, apparently. Oh well!" He didn't sit there and call her a fat ass as some people have said. Not my Obama!

Here is a photo of the magazine cover and if you don't feel like watching the entire interview, even though you should as a concerned American, just stop it right before the 11th minute to hear his Simpson response.

No word on how he feels about Jennifer Aniston being alone again. Fuck John Mayer.

Image: Us Weekly

Obama Arrested?

Not that Obama silly!! The half brother of President Obama, George Obama, called CNN from Kenya to say he's out of the big house and the charges against him were dropped. George was arrested at his home on suspicion of possession of cannabis and resisting arrest. Kenyan officials wouldn't comment on whether or not George is still in custody or on the charges. George told Reuters, "I think it was a misunderstanding. I do not do drugs. They released me with no charge."

Barack and George have the same father, the late Barack Obama Sr. The President and George have met in the past, but they currently do not have a relationship.

George's like a hybrid of George Bush and Barack Obama. What if he had been some super human republicrat or demolican?!? How much more exciting would the election have been if that dude had ran?? *My mind has failed me*

Image: Telegraph

Flying While Intoxicated?

TMZ has reported that rocker Tommy Lee and his pilot were forced to land at Van Nuys Airport after an LAPD helicopter spotted Tommy's chopper flying "erratically." Tommy Lee was in the jump seat of the chopper at the time. Tommy was let go, while his pilot was detained then later released.

There's still some question as to whether Tommy Lee's pilot was drunk flying or if he started drinking after landing. Tommy Lee and a co-hort drinking mid-flight? No wayyyy.

Image: Ross Halfin

That's Not Rihanna...

Chris Brown and his wandering eyes were snapped in Dublin last night where he partied the night away at the Twenty One club..isn't he 19? Yes, he's 19, I just Wiki'd him. Just the night before he was seen in Paris with another girl, maybe he's a fan of Luda's "Area Codes" song. Google it if you don't know the lyrics folks.

Anywho, no word on who the mystery lady is with him in the picture but if he's smart, he'll get his ass back on Rihanna's good side.

Image: Contact Music

The Ronsons Dig Crazy Chicks

Music producer Mark Ronson, mostly known for his work with Amy Winehouse and being the brother of Samantha Ronson, hit the clubs of East London with another young hot bowl of crazy named Lady GaGa. Joanne Stefani Germanotta aka Ms. GaGa was decked out in the finest PVC clothing money can buy. Someone should let her know that flesh colored heels do not mix with a flesh colored plastic pencil skirt!

The one positive to her latex outfit? You can just hose it down at the end of the night, those fluids will come right off ;)

Image: XposurePhotos

Through The Perilous Fight

Jennifer Hudson returned to the stage this evening to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Her stunning performance of the song marks the first time she's performed since the tragic murders of her mother, brother and nephew. She's set to perform at the Grammy awards next week moving forward in her career with grace and beauty.

Image: AP

Justin and Zac and Robert! Oh My!

You just can't have this much pretty in one movie. I don't think it's safe to society as a whole, can you imagine the fangirls? This could be worse than the running of the bulls. Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson are rumored to be joining the cast of Ohio, a film about the Kent State murders back in 1970. Could the trio of sexiness be killed off? Does it really matter? They might all be in a movie together that doesn't involve dancing, forbidden love or awkward deliveries of dialogue they can't understand!! Right now it's just a rumor and it more than likely won't happen, but if it does, stay home on opening weekend so you can avoid be trampled to death by prepubescent girls and boys with too much fashion sense for one gender.

Images: Robert and Zac - Getty / Justin - Google Images

Katie Meet Lil' Weezy

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This will have to go down in history as the strangest interview pairing ever. Lil' Wayne and Katie Couric had a heart to heart in her Grammy special airing February 4th at 9pm on CBS. I'm shocked that Weezy doesn't look or sound high, but he's got those crazy eyes going on!!

You Spoiled My Appetite

The notoriously anorexic ultra thin celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and her former client Nicole Richie were awfully close at the Byron & Tracey salon party, which was hosted by Zoe. The catty fighting, bitterness and laxatives seemed to be long gone and what passes for a smile in Hollywood was plastered on their bony faces.

Nicole, if you value your life and the fact that you're a mom now, you'll lose 88 more pounds via dumping Rachel Zoe as a friend.


Pop Stars Can Pray?

Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls (the only one people care to remember) has been quoted as saying she wants to pray with Britney, bitch! The singer and her group are reportedly opening up for Ms. Spears on her Circus tour and Nicole says, "Britney is a good friend of mine. I'm looking forward to getting together and having some quiet prayer meetings with her. And I'll be there to talk through whatever she is going through. She has been through a tough time and it's important to get together to pray and meditate."

"I will even babysit her kids if she babysits mine one day!"

For the record, Nicole doesn't have kids yet. Thank God. If she has any sense, she'll leave her kids with the other Pussycat Dolls; Sleepy, Chewy, Skanky and Doc.

Image: Mirror

Eddie Murphy Still Blows Donkey Balls

According to, the custody of Eddie Murphy and former Spice Girl Melanie Brown's love child is no longer an issue. Not that Eddie really cared, he probably phoned in his "she can keep the baby" agreement. Their daughter Angel Iris was born in 2007 and since than, there's been no mention of Eddie ever seeing the baby or paying child support. He questioned paternity quicker than his last movie bombed. According to sources, Mel B will retain custody of Angel and Eddie will receive visitation rights. I guess he can pencil little Angel Iris in between his Shrek gigs.

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At The Box Office

Paul Blart is officially the 2nd most watched film in the country!! That still totally scares me :(

The Liam Neeson thriller Taken was number 1 with $24.6 million this weekend, while Paul Blart: Mall Cop came in second with $14 million..that is unreal. In third place was the new horror film The Uninvited which raked in $10.5 million in ticket sales. Hotel for Dogs was 4th with $8.7 million and Gran Torino rounded out the top 5 with $8.6 million. The other new release this weekend was Renée Zellweger's romantic comedy New In Town which bombed only pulling in $6.7 million. Can't my sweet ass Harry Connick Jr. get in with Jennifer Aniston?? That bitch always opens #1!!!

Stop seeing Paul Blart people, you're just giving Sony more ammo to release a sequel!!

What Would Tony The Tiger Think?

"I engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment. I’m 23 years old, and despite the successes I have had in the pool, I acted in a youthful and inappropriate way, not in a manner that people have come to expect from me. For this, I am sorry. I promise my fans and the public -- it will not happen again."

That's the response from Michael Phelps through his management company Octagon over his presumed pot use. Over the weekend a picture of McSwimmy was blasted all over the internet by News of the World which showed the Olympic champ hitting the bong instead of the lanes.

As anti-drug as I am, who gives a shit? It's not like he was using pot while swimming the 17,000 laps leading up to the Olympics. Let's hope he sticks to weed, gambling and strippers and lays off the white stuff ;P

Image: News of the World