Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Love This Dude

I've actually always been a fan of Mickey Rourke, but this year, my love of Mickey has grown leaps and bounds. First he called Tom Cruise a cunt for his remarks about Brooke Shields, then he thanks his dogs at the Golden Globes and now, he's super modest by saying he doesn't watch his movies right away.

"I don't watch anything until three, four, five years go by. I see myself every day in the mirror when I'm shaving. I don't get anything from it."

Oh and to Bijou and Danny (can you tell I'm still pissed) I'll let Mickey have the last words, "People need medicine and they need therapists. Let the Scientologists go fucking live on a planet of their own."

*Sticks tongue out like a child* GO GET YOUR OSCAR MICKEY!

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