Monday, January 19, 2009

I SOOO Hope This Is True!!

Is it possible that there could be another Paris Hilton sex tape? Hell yes! Author Mark Ebner has a new book due to be published next month titled, "Six Degrees of Paris Hilton." Ebner claims that there's another x-rated tape floating around showing Paris "in a state of arousal in a New York taxi." Sex in a New York taxi? Eww, you might as well have wiped your vadge on a public transit seat.

This claim comes from Darnell Riley, the man in jail for blackmailing and holding Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis hostage at gunpoint. He said that he bought around 14 hours of video from two "Russian kids" who stole the video footage from Paris' home. He says there are also excerpts from Paris’ grandmother’s funeral. “She is sitting in the church shooting video of herself. She is paying no attention to the eulogy. Paris has Brandon Davis film her when she gets up to say goodbyes to her grandmother.”

If another tapes come to light we will learn nothing new about Paris, it will just be pure entertainment. What else is she good for?

Image: The Sun

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