Thursday, January 29, 2009

If You Care: Danity Kane Is Over

Yep, DK is dunzo. I thought this had already happened when Diddy kicked out O'Skank and that other girl, but I guess the 3 remaining girls wanted to make it work. That was until the other blonde in the group, Shannon, didn't show up for the season.

Dawn Richard gave an interview to MTV (who else!) and discussed the dissolution of the group. From

"As of right now, [Danity Kane doesn't exist]," Dawn Richard told MTV News on Wednesday (January 28). "It's devastating for me."

"You'll see me and Drea [Aundrea Fimbres] try and pick up the pieces on our own [on this season's show] — pieces that we didn't even make," she continued. "We didn't even break it and we're trying to sweep it up ourselves. Puff invited all the girls to come back on this season and they chose not to. Only two of us showed up. That's fine if that's the choice."

For the full interview, click here.

Girl groups never make it! Never! If you're considering getting into one, you're better off just going straight to rehab now and skipping all the drama of having the group break up, trying to start a solo career, failing miserably at that and then doing soft core porn and a VH1 reality show just to pay the bills. It's not worth it ladies!

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