Friday, January 16, 2009

Like Giving Candy To A Kid

*Smacks forehead for Paris* Ms. Hilton lost her camera in a nightclub on New Year's Eve, where else would we expect her to lose the damn thing, at the local CVS? The nightclub was Trademark in Sydney, Australia and Paris was making a paid appearance at the Bongo Virus party..sounds like a funny party, perfect for Paris to be at.

Karen Griffin, the publicist for the party, said, "She lost it in the chaos. It must have fallen out of her bag," she adds, "She is disappointed as it has her personal photos of her visit on it. They are happy snaps and there are also some pictures from her trip to the snow before she came to Australia. It is the camera she had with her when she was on Bondi Beach."

Paris, you truly are a treat. You're the gift that keeps on giving. I hope for your sake you only took 200 head shots of yourself, gazing into a mirror at the divine perfection that is your face, with your head turned to the side so we don't notice how long your nose is and the "come hither" look in your eyes is front and center. Who am I kidding, there better be some ass on that memory card!!

Image: Google Images

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