Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shame Hall Of Fame: Amy Fisher

This isn't right on so many levels. Amy Fisher aka The Long Island Lolita (or whore, whichever you prefer) is getting into the big girls club of adult video. "Amy Fisher: Totally Nude & Exposed" will be available as a special on Pay-Per-View. It's girl only action for Amy, as her marriage to Louis Bellera is sacred and Amy wouldn't want to go and jeopardize that or anything..

Now, Lou apparently sold a video tape of the two of them having sex to Red Light District Video. After settling with the company, Amy agreed to the tape being released. I guess now, the porn she's doing is on her terms so she can be "an empowered female." Yea, that's the excuse they use nowadays instead of working a 9-5.

Image: Wiki

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