Friday, January 9, 2009

Them Fightin' Words

Just when you thought you were safe and that Sarah Palin was back in Alaska, far away from any "left wing media bias," she's back and she's pissed. In excerpts from the new documentary "How Obama Got Elected," Sarah was interviewed by conservative radio talk show host and filmmaker John Ziegler.

According to Palin, she was exploited by the media and treated unfairly. She feels that if she had been a democrat than she would have been embraced by the media, “I think they would have loved me as a candidate, and I’ve already lived through that more on a local level,” Palin said. “There have been times where here in Alaska, I’ve taken on my own Republican Party when there has been corruption.”

About bloggers:

"When did we start accepting as hard news sources bloggers, anonymous bloggers especially? It's a sad state of affairs in the world of the media today, mainstream media especially, that they're going to rely on bloggers, anonymous bloggers, for their hard news information."

Hey now lady, I don't come into your house and pee on your fake plants. Let's keep our composure here.

In her opinion, there might have been a "class issue" and sexism behind all the scrutiny she received. She also blames John McCain's aides for not making better decisions when it comes to how interviews with Palin were handled.

She feels Caroline Kennedy is receiving far better treatment in her bid to fill Hillary Clinton's vacated senate seat:

“I’ve been interested to see how Caroline Kennedy will be handled and if she will be handled with kid gloves or if she will be under such a microscope,” Palin said. “It’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out, and I think that as we watch that we will perhaps be able to prove that there is a class issue here also that was such a factor in the scrutiny of my candidacy versus, say, the scrutiny of what her candidacy may be.”

She even blames Katie Couric and actress Tina Fey for capitalizing on and exploiting her, she says of Couric, "Katie, you're not the center of everyone's universe."

Ouch! Katie isn't a moose Sarah, put the gun down. It's not Katie's fault you couldn't get out a coherent sentence. Also, didn't you go on Saturday Night Live? Flip-flopper.

Sarah also feels her family was shown in a bad light and she calls the media's reporting on her family "very scary."

Don't worry though kiddies, Sarah will run again if she gets the chance. *Damn it*

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