Monday, January 12, 2009

Round 3

I will never, never defend Ann Coulter, but my biggest problem with the ladies on The View, besides their wardrobe stylist, is the fact that they never let anyone answer a fucking question!! While I would love to debate Ann Coulter (and have gone off into space fantasizing about what I would say to her,) I also know how to make a point while letting someone respond. Don't invite someone on your show, knowing their personal opinions and then sink your teeth into them and not let them defend themselves.

The hosts of The View rambled on and on, threw out questions and didn't let Ann answer a single one of them. They basically gave her book promotion without having to do anything, which is what Ann wanted. She can run her mouth and not have to back it up because people are so dumbfounded by the thoughts inside her head. I don't understand Ann Coulter and I'm someone she would probably loathe, but I would rather here more BS come out of her mouth than questions without answers.

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