Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ya'll Know What A Uvula Is?

Pop tart Miley Cyrus went on her blog today to explain to her fans why her voice will sound like a frog is being strangled for a little while. Unfortunately she didn't explain why her voice sounds like that on all her albums and well all the time..but the culprit was a piece of ranch covered chicken. She loaded some chicken with ranch dressing (eww) and slid that puppy too far. She apparently cut her uvula...does she really expect us to buy this shit? The nurse (I guess she went to the ER after she ate) had to explain to her what the uvula is. She used sign language and poster boards, but by listening to Miley, I'm not sure she understood what and where the uvula is.

Miley and her pedophile boyfriend Justin Gaston were seen earlier today at a chinese food restaurant.

Now, I'm not one to start rumors, but could it be possible something else hit her uvula? Something else phallic in nature that could possibly be the size of a chicken leg? Get better soon Smiley!

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