Thursday, January 8, 2009

Take Me To Your Leader

Thomas Davis or "Tommy" went on The Early Show on CBS this morning to explain what exactly scientologists believe happens when we die, the misconceptions placed on the church, reincarnation, immortality, the grief and funeral process...and whether or not Scientology believes Autism exists. He basically ran around the question until Julie Chen had to wipe dirt off her face. Tommy is the head of the Church of Scientology's Celebrity Centre International and he's also become the spokesperson for the church in the media. Basically when someone has a finger to point, he's the dude that has to handle it. He's so good at it too, I'm loving the nervous stutter, it suits him.

The true shame here is Julie Chen. She asked the moronic question, if we speak to John Travolta, what would be the proper thing to say? Hmm...what do you say to someone who has just lost their child? How about...I'm sorry for your loss? Yea, that works.

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