Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Fat Jokes In The Oval Office

People who are saying Barack Obama called Jessica Simpson fat during his interview with Matt Lauer, should actually watch the interview. The President, his wife and two daughters are featured in the new US weekly, however Barack was bumped from the cover so the more tantalizing story of Jessica Simpson's weight gain could be addressed for the millionth time this week.

"Yeah, it's a little hurtful," he says, "You got replaced by Jessica Simpson!" interrupted Matt Lauer, and then Barack pointed to the magazine headline reading, "Who's in a weight battle, apparently. Oh well!" He didn't sit there and call her a fat ass as some people have said. Not my Obama!

Here is a photo of the magazine cover and if you don't feel like watching the entire interview, even though you should as a concerned American, just stop it right before the 11th minute to hear his Simpson response.

No word on how he feels about Jennifer Aniston being alone again. Fuck John Mayer.

Image: Us Weekly

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