Sunday, February 1, 2009

At The Box Office

Paul Blart is officially the 2nd most watched film in the country!! That still totally scares me :(

The Liam Neeson thriller Taken was number 1 with $24.6 million this weekend, while Paul Blart: Mall Cop came in second with $14 million..that is unreal. In third place was the new horror film The Uninvited which raked in $10.5 million in ticket sales. Hotel for Dogs was 4th with $8.7 million and Gran Torino rounded out the top 5 with $8.6 million. The other new release this weekend was Renée Zellweger's romantic comedy New In Town which bombed only pulling in $6.7 million. Can't my sweet ass Harry Connick Jr. get in with Jennifer Aniston?? That bitch always opens #1!!!

Stop seeing Paul Blart people, you're just giving Sony more ammo to release a sequel!!

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